Helping you begin your own journey to better health.

Gut health is a hot topic these days. If you are intrigued about following a gut health improvement program, but you don’t know how to start – we’re here to help!

“Food is the most powerful medicine of all! Food can be healing and health-promoting. But for most of us, it also requires a change in our relationship with food. Most people are unaware that healing your gut is the first and most critical part of the healing journey. This discovery can lead to and create a total health transformation!” 

Dr. Mark Hyman, about his book What the Heck Should I Eat, Feb. 2018. (1)

Gut Health Improvement programs: have you tried different diets and food plans, but when the program was over you reverted very quickly back to where you started? Or because the program wasn’t realistic in the first place, it was impossible to follow? Experiences like these can be so discouraging!

heal your gut

This website is the result of my own long and convoluted health journey in search of answers to improve my own health.

Our Gut Reboot program is designed to be simple, easy to use, and appropriate for anyone to follow… it’s perfect for the beginner!

We can help you have the confidence to get started – to take the leap of faith to start doing something you may not have ever done before!

And as a result, you can discover how great it feels to change your health by simply improving what you eat, and when you eat it!

Our True Gut Health Reboot is perfect for:

  • Someone who just wants to lose some weight.
  • Someone who knows that their nutrition isn’t quite optimal, but needs some help knowing how to begin improving the kinds of food they eat.
  • As a guide to begin an elimination diet. (Cutting out inflammatory foods and allergens for 30 days and then gradually bringing items back into your diet, one food at a time, to determine what may be problematic for you.)
  • Use it in the true sense of a “reboot” (meaning “to restart or revive”). Follow this program and it will give your body a chance to rest, heal, and repair, all in a short period of time. It’s amazing how quickly you can feel better!

** Fasting can be challenging, particularly the 24-hour or longer and multi-day fasts. These longer fasts can take more practice and preparation and are not recommended for the beginner.  We would encourage you to start with a shorter fast, working up to a 16:8/or 18:6 plan in your first phase of fasting.

** If you have health conditions relating to blood sugar levels, if you are pregnant, for young children, or you have any questions at all concerning your health, it is advised to check with your physician before beginning any fasting or nutritional program.

My Healing Journey:

Through my own health journey, I’ve found that there were too many options, voices, and opinions. The whole thing became overwhelming very quickly!

Now, after years of experimenting with nutritional program; buying and trying lots of supplements; reading books, watching webinars, paying for subscriptions to websites; and working with various health practitioners, I’ve found success. As a result, I want to share what I’ve learned. And help others avoid the steep and expensive learning curve that I personally had to go through.

Your Healing Journey:

Everyone starts at a different place!

Some people are at the point where jumping wholeheartedly into a reboot program makes sense. They’re ready for a change! However, others may want to go more slowly.

Start with a modified program if that makes sense for you.

It all depends upon where you are personally and what your goals are. If you want to make big changes, it will take more effort and will mean that you need to follow guidelines more strictly. But if you’re just interested in creating minor changes, you could pick and choose what you want to do from the options presented in our program.

If this, or any other Gut Health Improvement Program feels too drastic, my advice is to pick one area that feels manageable – and start there. For example, you could start by just omitting refined sugar. Follow this for a week or two, and then re-evaluate. Add another piece of the program when you are ready... it’s completely up to you!

Remember that making any change, even a small change is better than doing nothing at all. You are the best judge of your body… and as a result, you know better than anyone else what’s best and feels right for you.

To your health!


Peg Desrochers

Live a Vibrant Life!