Strengthen your immune system by improving your gut health!

As we continue to face the perils of COVID-19, with added challenges of the upcoming Cold and Flu Season, it is a scary and unsettling time! Now, more than ever, it’s critical to take responsibility for your health!

True Gut Health shares information to help you learn how to improve your overall health – which will strengthen your immune system – and help you to avoid getting sick.

True Gut Health offers simple, effective, and free guidelines to help you be healthy, feel great, and stay well!

It’s easy these days to feel like you don’t have any control over your life, let alone your future, given the current global situation. Taking responsibility for your health is one of the important things you can do for yourself to regain some control. Regardless of the many things in your environment that you can not change, you do have the power to be healthier — and to make better health and food choices. And that can mean a lot!

Because there are so many things that take your time and energy already, it’s important to keep any changes that you make simple! The True Gut Health program is an easy and uncomplicated way for you to begin your journey to better health.


True Gut Health

“All Disease Begins in the Gut”

Hippocrates made this statement more than 2,000 years ago. We are only now beginning to understand the wisdom behind this thought!

Current research shows that a healthy gut Microbiome (having a healthy balance of bacteria in your gut), is critical to overall health. Most importantly, this research indicates that many modern diseases, health challenges, and immune system deficiencies stem from imbalance and poor function within the digestive system.

The 3 Steps:

  • REPAIR your gut using Intermittent Fasting.
  • REDUCE Inflammation by changing the foods that you eat.
  • RESTORE balance by supporting your gut Microbiome.

It’s been a long journey as I’ve searched for answers about how to improve my own health. The single most effective thing that I’ve done has been to change the food that I eat!

I eliminated sugar and grains from my diet. I added fermented foods to my meals. And I use Intermittent Fasting to help my gut and my body heal.

The results? When I incorporated the 3 about techniques into my life, I dropped 40 lbs in 4 months! And I went from a dress size 16 to a size 10. I now feel better than I’ve felt in years!

The changes were simple. And as a result, I’m emphatic and want to share what I’ve learned. If you want to improve your health in any way — a critical first step is to improve your Gut Health!

True Gut Health makes the process of getting healthier – and knowing where to start – easier for you!

MY GOAL is to simplify the complex and confusing information about digestive health. I work to distill this information down to something manageable for the average person. My degree in Biology and experience of 20+ years in the Health and Wellness industry provides the background for this program.

I don’t make claims to heal or cure disease. However, I do offer general and safe recommendations for achieving improved health.

And I work to make it simple, so you don’t have to spend lots of time reading and studying, or spend unnecessary money experimenting with uncertain supplements.

Our recommended food plan is:

True Gut Health reboot
  • High in plant-based foods and healthy fats.
  • Moderate in healthy proteins.
  • Low in sugars, processed foods, grains, and dairy products.
  • And incorporates Intermittent Fasting to support healing, repair, and healthy weight management.


It’s the perfect place to begin on your road to security and peace of mind through improved health!

  • My document describing how to follow a gut reboot is FREE!
  • The program is SIMPLE and EASY TO FOLLOW.
  • Any recommended supplements are EFFECTIVE and AFFORDABLE.
  • And best of all, there’s GROUP SUPPORT in place to help you have the best possible success!

** As with any food-related program, if you have any health conditions relating to blood sugar levels, or if you are pregnant, or for young children, it is advised to check with your physician before beginning any fasting or other nutritional programs.

I look forward to sharing in your amazing journey to better health!


Peg Desrochers

True Gut Health  –  Live a Vibrant Life!